I had 3 options to repair my fuel petcock:

1- to find spare joins or a repair kit..But after a long investigation, I didn’t find the right kit fitting with my model! It’s amazing to discover that all brand all models have developed different size/types of petcocks. No standardization there!

2- to install a generic petcock, like proposed here: http://www.650motorcycles.com/Petcock.html; honestly, that solution looks great because you can mount a brand new, standard, well distributed petcock, so it seems to be the most durable solution. Unfortunately I have tried this but made a mistake buying parts: My PINGEL adapted does not fit to the new petcock… (gosh, it’s a 70EUR loss) I keep those parts for future improvements.

3- to fix the join of my original petcock with adapted parts. That’s finally what I have done, with SUCCESS ! That solution is made by 2 parts :

– the cut (by a professional) of the 4 holes/flat join into 4mm Nitril Fiber plate*,
– the manufacuring of the righ sized ‘o-ring’ into a 1,78mm Nitril string**.

I have no idea about the durability of that solution, but at least for 2 weeks, I can drive my bike and fill the tank without risk of leakage!!!

(*): I have manufactured 10 of them, contact me if you are interested.
(**): I have meters of spare 1,6;1,78 and 2mm string for Nitril o-rings… contact me if interested!